December 23, 2010

spheric lounge - download all mp3s

download all spheric lounge mp3s here -


Sealover said...

Unfortunately links to compositions aren't downloaded

Jens Groh said...

Hello Spheric Lounge friend,
thank you for scanning our mistakes so systematically! This is quite helpful, it makes it easy to clean up the usual "creative chaos signature" of our web master Enzo. ;-)
Hopefully now all the missing files are there -- except the non-existing title "glitter", which was probably a typo.
Greetings from Munich, Germany
spheric lounge

Sealover said...

Thanks spheric lounge team! But composition all the same can't be downloaded. With gratitude and love to your music from Russia!

Jens Groh said...

Thanks for checking! Should be okay now.

E.K.-Lounge said...

Sorry, but there is definitely a title called Glitter produced during session 82

Jens Groh said...

OK, not exactly produced during, but in the course of preparation for session 82, like the other "enzo bonus mp3s". I found it now and uploaded it.

Jacob Holmes said...

Link goes to an empty folder. :(