March 02, 2008

spheric lounge - live ambient music - session 87

as I lay here - perfectly still - with an emotionless gaze - I look up at the grey sky in my room - then it begins to bleed - down the walls the grey blood slowly moves - until it reaches the floor and there it pools - seconds fade into minutes - minutes fade into hours and - as the grey reaches me i do not move - my body turns grey, and becomes engulfed - I close my eyes and sleep.

spheric lounge session 87 - 01.03.2008 - pictures - mp3s: minimal grey (06:54), shifted birds (05.21), before spring (08:52), blue walk (05:01), photon (08:00) - team: jens groh, joeka, chris werner, okaliin, anatol locker, enzo cage - session master: okaliin - postproduction: okaliin - location: okaliin studio


The Early Bird said...

Thank you for the good music.

Anonymous said...

Love "Before Spring" :-)

Grüss aus Paris

speeds said...

very nice chillout tune