February 08, 2008

spheric lounge - live ambient music - session 86

session 86 - 07.02.2008 - video - pictures - mp3s: under earth, wooden stairs intermezzo, testlauf mit pattern, test signal, tangine scales part 1, tangine scales part 2, speicher dich selbst, schleife brummte der mixer, morgentau, lustig beschwingt, knob your synth, glitter waves, blubberblasen, behind the horizon, also sprach spheric lounge - team: florian anwander, marco kern, wolfram graser, mr.x, oliver rauscher, tzth, manfred forster, hartwig müller, jens groh, andreas indra, chris werner, okaliin, enzo cage - visuals: martin siegler and jens groh with a static rainbow installation - improviced dance: veronica hoffmann, christiane kühne, marcella d'amico, peter sommerer, beate bock - postproduction: marco kern - session master: florian anwander - location: kranhalle / feierwerk


Jens Groh said...

Wie schade, dass von Dir kein Regenbogenfoto dabei ist, Enzo Cage!

Anonymous said...

Great session! I played it for a couple of hours in the background, really nice, sweet and warm drifting moments ;-)
I really miss playing with you...
I'll try to come back one of these days

A bientôt

Nick Cosic said...

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