October 29, 2007

spheric lounge - session 82

session 82 - 27.10.2007 - three music videos: uncertainty - sun - herbst - mp3s: sebastian (04:16), beacon signal (07:37), intention decayed (13:11), first arp(05:12), physical model (10:47), uncertainty (09:51), alien world(04:53), plop (02:01), tunnel cleft (06:55) - mp3-ping-pong: herbst (07:36), pink cadillac (03:45), braun (04:16), cyberatmo (07:45), psyche (06:20) - enzo bonus mp3s: sun (04:24), koriander (04:32), glitter (03:55)
session 82 was unusual in many ways. we began with a long discussion about magic and reproduction, rules, freedom and quality. a certain uncertainty filled the room. some came late. regardless we found our rhythm soon. we didn't went for dinner as we usually do and we closed the session early. even after three years and almost 500 titles, we haven’t lost tension. thats good! days befor that, chris and I played some kind of a mp3-ping-pong game. I prepared some live sets for this session, played them once, recorded and mailed them. chris replied with four titles. you'll find these under the tag "ping-pong-titles". another method we tried for the first time. I also added three of my preparation mp3s to this session as a kind of bonus material. team: okaliin, wolfram graser, joeka, chris werner, jens groh, isabelle künstler, enzo cage - postproduction & video: enzo cage - location: okaliin studio


Anonymous said...

Hi ! Where is the Session 81 ? :-)


Anonymous said...

Found this session somehow more "groovy" if you know what I mean....another great gift!