July 27, 2007

spheric lounge - session 79

24.07.2007 - music video - photos - mp3s: (play all) start to think (06:45) -
anatol in heaven(09:20), astro know me domine part1(15:01), follow me down follow me up(12:13), learning to klick(07:46), leiden mit klaus(13:58), obscured by mouse(05:57), opening klassixmix(07:15), the dark side of arturia(10:01), vanity of lounge(15:06) - team: florian anwander, tzth, jens groh, enzo cage, wolfram graser, joeka, chris werner, anatol locker, christian delfs, oliver rauscher, alfred driemel, manfred forster, marco kern, hartwig müller - visuals: martin siegler - improviced dance: veronica hoffmann, christiane kühne, marcella d'amico - postproduction: marco kern, anatol locker - video: enzo cage - pictures: anatol locker, florian anwander - guest: francois buat - session master: florian anwander - location: bayerischer rundfunk - palisander-foyer - klassixmix


Norbert Lux (Nordmann) said...

Ich finde Eure E-Musik super !!!

nobbyy said...

hi leute
musik is super , die titel haben die irgendeinen bezug zu ks ;-)