July 30, 2007

spheric lounge - deep look into session 11

mp3s: (play all) dream space (full dream mix) (14:20), babylon (extended mix) (9:36), horizont (waves beyond mix)(12:17), the sailor's song (08:28) - max fazio took a deep look into session 11 (karsten's studio, 18.03.2005). what he found was some good and soothing melody he condensed into the track the sailor's song; he looked also into the already published tracks and found that while it could have been pleasant to hear for an extended version (as "dream space") , other tracks seemed to him they deserved to be heard uncut because of the additional musical "speech" they can deliver, as it happens with "babylon" and "horizont", so it isn't just pretty noises, it's some sort of a thought expressed deep into the centre of the emotional spheres. he tried also to make a "remaster" work and while some bits sound distorted, he made a work of removing some of the hums and noises coming from the vintage analog setup, while avoiding for the tracks to sound too much clean and plasticly. thank you max!!!

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Jacob Holmes said...

This never got archived in The Entire Universe or Top 100. Anyone still have these tracks?