November 20, 2009

spheric lounge - live ambient music - session 100

spheric lounge session 100 - 14.12.2009 - video - photos - team: florian anwander, chris werner, stefan wendler, alfred driemel, isabelle künstler, joeka, enzo cage - postproduction: florian anwander - fotos: manfred forster - location: glockenbachwerkstatt


Anonymous said...

bin dabei, freue mich schon drauf.


BASTI & ICH said...

ich bin auch dabei

lieber Gruß Tobias Binderberger

Branislav said...

We want 100.000.000 more sessions!!! :D

enzo cage said...

I fixed all the dead URLs on this website... :-)now you can again download all mp3s and pictures.

Branislav said...

Again a long and deep nights with just one thing, amongst all the rest. :)

****Spheric Lounge - Android****

I am speechless on this one but yet again i made myself a ringtone for mobile with 'Ambient profile' to wake me up and ring like heavens each time! :)

Tnx Enzo i had a problem with 'dead links' with alot of tracks. Geting back to work again, with pleasure!

Tnx 2 u ALL!!!!!!

Music For Life!!!!

Branislav said...

And again, it's Android playing his "robotic" divine soul trough us, the people...